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Jul 14, 2016. If you want to get outside in style, a weekend away at Woods on Pender is the way to do it. Not only do you get to stay in a rad, renovated airstream with all the open space you could want, you don't even have to cook for yourself! Their on- site restaurant Coffee + Kitchen is local fine dining in a casual,

Feb 9, 2017. DOVER — For some, it was art. For others, a public nuisance. Very soon, however, the well-known fixture off Interstate 4 will cease to exist.

First, the backstory: A couple years ago she got the idea to do a mobile gallery in an Airstream trailer. She started looking around and ultimately found a 1974 Airstream in Lake Stevens for $5,000. She has been renovating bit by bit.

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A journal of our adventures around North America in Birdie the Airstream.

The largest Airstream trailer & Airstream motorhome enthusiasts community online. Our goal is to share knowledge about everything Airstream related. Find info on.

Most people recognize the Airstream trailer, but not everybody realizes the company is still in business and manufacturing the iconic “silver bullet,” CEO Bob Wheeler said. Wheeler, CEO of Jackson Center, Ohio-based Airstream, was in.

Tent Spent: We Try Luxury Camping in a $100,000 Airstream (1 of 11). Call us crazy, but we actually enjoy traditional camping activities such as gathering firewood, pitching a tent, Comparison Tests · Long-Term Road Tests · Specialty Files · From the Review Vault · NEWS · Spy Photos · Auto Shows · Blog · FEATURES.

Driving to Airstream’s world headquarters isn’t the most exciting voyage you’ll undertake, but driving away from it with a snazzy aluminum travel trailer in tow is a much more exciting endeavor. After fighting miles of road construction on.

But he was a little surprised by this assignment. Magnum Demolition of Wimauma had been hired to uproot "Airstream Ranch," a display of eight silver travel-trailers that had been sticking out of the ground in a grassy field along Interstate.

Aug 28, 2015. Free People and Nordstrom are traveling the Southern California coast in a vintage Airstream. Stop by to shop the latest collection and more.

Monica Bennett blogs about life and cooking in an Airstream travel trailer at her site Just Five More Minutes. Her writing has been featured in Outside Magazine, CNN.

Jul 6, 2016. Our one-of-a-kind airstream trailer has left Austin to begin the 2016 Austin Summer Tour of Texas! The Austin Airstream is a 30-foot vintage, refurbished 1970s trailer designed by local artisans, complete with an on-board music studio and an area inside which is ideal for conducting interviews and private.

Apr 7, 2016. The Airstream, with its iconic riveted aluminum shape, trends in cycles like history's best fashion pieces – bomber jackets, wide leg denim, classic kicks. Airstream's simple, timeless vessels began to undergo extreme makeovers, emerging as luxury apartments on wheels. Tell your story through a blog.

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The largest Airstream trailer & Airstream motorhome enthusiasts community online. Our goal is to share knowledge about everything Airstream related. Find info on.

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he said. “So I say, ‘We’re camping at a trailer park.’ And they say, ‘What?’ So then I say, ‘OK, it’s this Airstream park.’ And then they’re like, ‘Oh, that sounds like fun. Send us a picture.’ ” Ah, yes. As soon as you invoke the.

The kitchen and bar are 8-foot-by-20-foot Baltimore shipping containers with walk-up service counters. A 1968 Airstream trailer they bought sight unseen from Florida will handle the blended alcohol drinks and ice-cream bar. The deck.

The Vampire Diaries hunk, who split from his TV co-star Nina Dobrev earlier this year (13), reveals he can’t wait to get his hands on the keys to his Airstream trailer so. home on wheels via his blog on Tuesday (06Aug13),

WHAT: Airstream Ranch. WHERE: Access at Bates RV, 4656 McIntosh Road, Dover (Exit 14 on Interstate 4). CONTACT: 1-888-228-3778 or [email protected] Hearing on code-violation charges begins at 9 a.m. March 14 at.

Jun 29, 2017. The Farmery is moving its Airstream trailer and indoor farm from Research Triangle Park to Durham.

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“We’ve been imagining a small, well-thought-out fiberglass travel trailer for quite some time and are very confident about its potential,” according to.

Jun 21, 2017. The sun was hot, but the tater tots were hotter as patrons gathered earlier this summer in a vacant parking lot on Geer Street decked out with picnic tables, a giant Jenga game, classic tunes, and a 1950s Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight. The star of the show, though, was a sleek, refurbished silver Airstream trailer.

Landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos is renting his remodeled 1959 Airstream trailer for $525 a month on Craigslist. San Francisco landscape architect Andreas Stavropoulos, 35, reaped the benefits of living in his Airstream for several.

Aluminum Fever Other Airstream/Vintage Trailer Websites. Postcard – National Trailer Park & Sales, Jackson Hole Wyoming – 1958. Aluminum Fever.

The only website that’s just about making modifications to your RV. It’s a community where fellow RV’ers and enthusiasts can share mods and upgrades they have.

Jul 9, 2013. Glamorous camping full-time in an Airstream trailer with Ginger's humans. And the blog just didn't seem complete without a post about our wonderful adventure there, even if our best buddy isn't with us anymore except in spirit. In the 3 years we've been on the road full-time we have yearned to camp.

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Exploring and working full-time from our Airstream

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Jun 27, 2010. Living smaller and more simply has become a goal for many people wanting to reboot their lives. In Orange, California, there's a workshop dedicated to just that kind of reboot, but you have to be willing to bring an American icon along for the ride. The workshop is where Airstream trailers come to be reborn.

The owners of a stolen Airstream are hoping that the unique qualities of the trailer will help people identify it in order to get it back. The owners of a stolen Airstream are hoping that the unique qualities of the trailer will help people identify it in.

Shorepine Vacation Rentals’ new RV and Airstream hotel is located in Pacific City, Oregon. Book your luxurious new or vintage camper online today!

Best Airstream Blogs. Below is a list I’ve compiled of Airstream Blogs, some of the bloggers I know, some I don’t, some post frequently some don’t.

North Florida's Best RV Dealer. Come on down to the store and have a cup of coffee on us, before you buy an RV anywhere else. Your Florida Airstream and Rockwood RV source.

Introducing our 1999 25 ft. Airstream Safari. We purchased her in May of 2011 and spent almost a full year renovating the interior and polishing the exterior.

Nov 26, 2016. I've been teasing it for months, but my Airstream dream was realized this summer. I'm fully nomadic now and can say I absolutely love the Airstream lifestyle. Why I Decided to Leave Guam and Live in an Airstream in the U.S. Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travels Airstream trailer. I was living on Guam and.

Airstream’s are an iconic piece of American history and the idea of owning and traveling in one is becoming more and more desirable. A quick look on craigslist or.

Look for Climb Real Estate Group's Airstream on the streets of San Francisco. This innovative retail store designed by San Francisco-based Design Within Reach (DWR), a retailer of well-designed furnishings and accessories, commissioned longtime Airstream collaborator Chris Deam to come up with a holistic model for an.

Feb 10, 2017. Anyone who's ever taken the I-4 between Orlando and Tampa has seen the legendary RV Stonehenge, which is basically just eight Airstream RVs shoved into.

Approximately 20 restaurants will offer soups, chilis and chowders for $1 per 4-ounce sample. Among the scheduled participants are Airstream Catering Food Truck, Betty Boop Diner, Bonefish Grill, Brown’s Brewing, Burger 21, Carol’s.

In 1969 I purchased the trailer and kept it for 7 years. A few years ago Airstream repurchased the trailer. They are now refurbishing it. It is at the factory in Ohio. Here’s a photo Dale sent us of himself with the Airstream in 1972:

They have also inspired devotees who socialize with one another at Airstream caravans and rallies all over the world, including an annual Ohio jamboree known as “Alumapalooza.” Airstream builds 50 travel-trailers every week at the.

And while Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and chief executive officer, attributes the growth to such factors as an expanded dealer network, accelerated marketing efforts and product consistency, it is the Airstream trailer’s fervent.

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