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It’s a trade that has been around since before medieval times. Just a century ago, every city and farm town in America had a village blacksmith. You might be surprised to know that blacksmithing is still being passed from one.

And when the boy, who was 7 at the time, saw Old Sturbridge Village’s natural stone and wood blacksmith shop while vacationing with his mother, sister and grandmother in Massachusetts, he knew he had to get inside. “I remember I.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance focuses on Henry, the son of a blacksmith whose family is brutally murdered by a band of mercenaries that attack his village.

I am involved with a project with a group of blacksmiths and we are building sculptural bike racks for local communities. Go to for.

Near the end of his diary, the blacksmith entered three pages of accounts received and paid. While the account is filled predominantly with cash paid and received for.

He uses skills he and his son, Daniel, picked up from seasoned blacksmiths who offer classes at the Fort Allen Antique Farm Equipment Association in East Huntingdon. “We don’t have a power hammer. We swing a hammer with our.

All about the art of blacksmithing with tutorials, videos and more. How to make swords, armor and all sorts of medieval stuff on a home made forge.

Fall is finally here! The perfect blacksmithing weather here in AZ. We have a blacksmithing class this weekend starting on Friday the 21st and another one in.

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HARDTNER, Kan. (AP) – Pake McNally is a throwback. At age 30, he is easily one of the youngest full-time blacksmiths in the state – thriving in an occupation considered obsolete more than a century ago. McNally uses the blacksmith.

For Charles Hurst, an organizer and Kentucky Museum exhibits technician, the event is about keeping cherished blacksmithing and metalworking traditions alive. Following the success of last year’s Hammer-In, participating.

James Kieffer has been a blacksmith for nearly 40 years. He scoffingly calls himself "semiretired." At age 66, he works six days a week and most days is at his forge at least 10 hours. Lean and wiry, he exhibits none of the brawn of the.

This past Saturday, artist Berry Allen joined us at Southern Accents for an ironwork demonstration. Berry demonstrated how he turns iron into hardware and decorative.

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Becky Little, a blacksmith from Dragonfly Forge in Nova Scotia, stopped Thursday to wipe the sweat from her face during her iron bird sculpture demonstration. She was standing in front of about 30 viewers, all with their eyes glued.

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Just a quick question before we move ahead, you do have five years of blacksmith experience, right? Great, because the Parks Department needs a blacksmith and the job pays big money. You might have thought you missed your.

The 19th century poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem "The Village Blacksmith" had a lot to do with idolizing the humble blacksmith, especially for his attributes of skill, hard work and self-reliance. That a blacksmith was a.

Jan 09, 2016  · Blacksmiths have played an important role in the advancement of civilisation. In this article, we look at what a blacksmith is & why they are so important

Born in Smithers, BC, raised in Vancouver, and serving as a contributing writer for an online newspaper, Dan Mangan ascended the stairs from teen band Basement Suite.

A rare insight into the ancient profession of blacksmithing has been revealed as the skilled craftsmen open up their.

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“Experts makes it look easy, but after about 1,000 hits, you can do that, too.” Holt gathered with other forgers April 2 for a demonstration by blacksmith Bob Elliott. As secretary of Pittsburgh Area Artist Blacksmiths Association, she.

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Now, for a quarter-century, the octagon-shaped brick structure has sat silent – thousands of square feet of empty space, often chilled with bitter cold winter air, as opposed to the raw heat produced in a blacksmith shop. But the striking.

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The first time Sutter’s Fort was restored, in the 1890s, the blacksmith shop was one of the first exhibit rooms to receive attention. Blacksmithing was a critical profession on the frontier, necessary to transform raw materials into essential.

Setting up a blacksmith shop for home use is not that difficult. You can get everything you need for about $300-500 if you buy used equipment and make what you can.

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The Prairie Blacksmith Association (PBA) has a new electronic newsletter that includes information on upcoming hammer-ins, conferences, articles, projects, and much more.